SUPER Updates 20th September

Some items and links which may be of interest . . .

The SUPER blog is now live!

Inspired by researchEd2013 we’ve started this collaborative SUPER blog to capture and share with the world at large our diverse experiences of and reflections on education, research, partnerships, conferences, events, etc etc. Thanks to Jacq Emkes from Biddenham for our inaugural posts. More coming soon. Contributions invited from all SUPER members (past and present)! Please follow and you’ll get an email alert when there are new posts. Please share the link with school colleagues not on our camtools network.

Free report: Evidence for the Frontline

Download this free report by Dr Jonathan Sharples of the Alliance for Useful Evidence here. The report ‘explores what can be drawn from the advances across a range of fields to mobilise research knowledge more effectively for practice in policing, teaching, probation, health and other areas of social policy’. An excellent and engaging read!


Videos of speaker presentations plus links to an amazing array of blogs reflecting and reporting on this exciting event are now up on the website. Many themes of interest for us in SUPER. Those of us who attended definitely think we should contribute to researchEd2014. See previous posts on this blog for reflections. More posts coming soon.

researchEd2013 youtube channel:


The phenomenon of ‘teachmeets’ – teachers doing CPD for themselves – has created lots of interest and enthusiasm. One of our SUPER members (Helena Marsh, Sawston) has even signed up for #SLTCamp! You can read more here on her blog.

Bethan and Rob (Campbell, Impington) were brave (mad?!) enough to take part in #SLTeachmeet hosted at the BELMAS conference in Edinburgh in July. It was live streamed to the internet and run by @teachertoolkit and @mrlockyer. We both had 6 minute mini-presentations. The event is available to view here (plus there is more information about what a teachmeet is):

Bethan is on at around 30 minutes in and Rob 47 minutes. Dr Megan Crawford (our faculty Deputy Head and @DrMeganCrawford) presented at the inaugural #SLTeachmeet in London last year and attended the BELMAS #SLTeachmeet. She is keen for the Faculty to host its own #SLTeachmeet. Bethan is going to help her. Date, time and details are yet to be decided. Any SUPER members interested in helping us – we’d love to hear from you plus any views on when would be a good time. Get in touch with Bethan @morgteach or email (see About on this blog for link).

For those of you on twitter, finally a plug for the following twitter ‘events’:

  • #SLTchat – every Sunday night from 8-8.30. More information here.
  • #BELMASchat – inaugural event starts 8 – 8.30 Tuesday 24th September: topic: ‘Is research relevant to practitioners?’
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