SLTeachmeet: Unlocking Potential! Friday March 7th 5pm – 7pm

SUPER are proud to announce we are co-organising a ‘teachmeet’ along with Leadership for Learning and a group of local Senior Leadership teachers from local schools in Cambridge.

slteachmeet image

Come and create opportunities with like-minded people interested in education to take the lead, share practice, discover new ideas, network and be inspired all during the course of one CPD-fuelled evening! Anyone can get involved, share great ideas they’ve trialled in their schools, ask important questions or simply sign up to take part in discussions about the teaching and learning. The twist with an #SLTeachMeet is that all talks will be leadership-themed. You do NOT have to be in an SLT/SMT to attend! You can talk about anything that has inspired you, has worked well in your school, a tool, a strategy, a topic… The list is endless. Set up time is 2 minutes for each presentation. REMEMBER: You do not have to present anything, you can always be an Enthusiastic Lurker!

To sign up and for more details please visit our wiki page here:

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