SUPER & Sharnbrook Welcome Visitors from Gothenburg, Sweden

Posted on behalf of Jennie Richards, Sharnbrook & SUPER

This week, the school was visited by Swedish teachers and a university professor who came to learn about SUPER (Schools University Partnership for Educational Research). They were learning what it is like to be a school in the partnership of schools working with University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education, which promotes teachers being involved in collaborative research.

goth 1

In the morning, they joined our network meeting in Cambridge and this was an opportunity for the UK teachers to reflect on what we have been learning about building research cultures in our schools, and to share our experiences of working as a schools university partnership. Our visitors are hoping to develop similar partnerships in Sweden.

After a hurried lunch, Jan Schofield (a former teacher at Sharnbrook who now works in the Faculty) drove some of the visitors to Sharnbrook through the country lanes and villages, to arrive for a brief look round our School

One highlight of the tour was to visit the science department, where the teachers were fascinated by the extensive prep room and dedicated science technicians. In Sweden, science teachers have to buy their own lesson ingredients, set up the equipment themselves, and wash up afterwards!

Another highlight was for being taught how to play the ukele by a teacher who was themselves a successful SUPER MEd student last year.

goth 2

Finally, Angela, a fan of Paula Radcliffe, was delighted to have her picture taken in front of a photo of Paula (a former pupil of the school, who opened our gym).

goth 3

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience to have such enthusiastic and friendly visitors, and I think we all gained from the experience. Angela even asked Mr Denning if she could be considered to become a pupil at the school!

Hopefully, the contacts can be maintained and built upon further.

Jennie Richards 29/01/14

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