SUPER and the SLTeachmeet Cambridge on March 7th – update!

Between 60 – 70 people packed into our seminar room at the Faculty of Education on Friday afternoon at the end of a busy week to attend a SL (Senior Leadership) themed ‘teachmeet’. The first SLTeachmeet – organised by Ross Morrison McGill @TeacherToolkit and Stephen Lockyer (@mrlockyer) – took place in London in 2012. A couple of us in SUPER then participated in #SLTeachmeet at the BELMAS Conference July 2013. Someone then suggested (or tweeted!) ‘Can we have a SLTeachmeet at the Faculty?’ With guidance and encouragement from Ross and Stephen, several face to face planning meetings, a shared Google doc and tremendous goodwill and support from a range of faculty and school partnership colleagues, we (i.e. Helena, Kev, Richard, Doug, Megan, Lucian, Bethan) finally made it happen.  This has been a new and great way to work in partnership which hopefully we’ll do again!

room full17 intrepid teachers had volunteered to share aspects of their work with us, signing up for either 3 or 5 minute presentation slots. After as brief an introduction as possible (setting out our ground ‘rules’ of ‘leave your ego at the door/no selling/keep to time or else you’ll enrage Helena’s chirping blackbird/please tweet to #slteachmeet”) we were off!

rob loe tweet

Helena brilliantly clustered the presentations into themes which structured the evening’s programme  (yes we avoided the dreaded ‘randomizer’ on this occasion!).

Unlocking potential through collaborative teacher-led research

  • Kev Geall Improving teaching though Research Lesson Study @KevGeall
  • Patrick Winter Embedding CPD through CamSTAR research triads @reteach10
  • David Anderson Inclusive action research projects @UCCTandLPerson

Unlocking potential through innovative use of ICT

  • Jacq Emkes SOLE and chips @JacqsJ
  • Caroline Creaby Developing a teaching and learning website to support resource sharing and classroom practice @CarolineCreaby

Unlocking potential through curriculum initiatives

  • Richard Spencer The ICE programme (KS3 curriculum and assessment) @richspencer1979

Unlocking potential through leadership efficacy

  • Jill Berry 5 tips for managing workload (via video) @jillberry102
  • Emma Kell Work-family balance and progression to leadership @thosethatcan

Unlocking potential through surplus-model CPD

  • Stephen Lockyer #SLTCamp: the sequels (via video) @mrlockyer
  • Dave Goode A teacher ‘expert’ approach to CPD – we already have all of the answers… we just don’t always realise it!


    Dave tweet

 Unlocking potential through lessons in leadership

  • Gill Bradnam Leadership thoughts & reflections @PrepSchHead
  • Vanessa Whitcombe Overcoming the unexpected challenges of leadership @veblackwell

Unlocking potential through strategic school development

  • Anthony Partington & Andy Daly Tying whole school plans to individual performance targets @ajpartington  @DalyAF9
  • Barry Collins Effective use of online lesson observation data @Barry_Collins

Unlocking potential through growing middle leaders

  • Jen Ellison Moving from a pack of love hearts to a bag of rock @ded2je
  • Helena Marsh Nurturing and nourishing talent: from magpies to multipliers @HelenaMarsh81

elaine tweet

With a break for refreshments and networking half-way through we somehow kept to time and finished at 7pm!

caiti tweet

We hope to share more reflections in further posts but in the meantime our ‘storify’ of event captures a flavour of the evening thanks to our avid tweeters (especial thanks to Dan Wright!). Click on this link for tweets and photos taken on the evening (links to online video presentations also!): #SLTeachmeet at Cambridge March 7th 2014

megan tweet

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One Response to SUPER and the SLTeachmeet Cambridge on March 7th – update!

  1. jemk1 says:

    Great blog Bethan thank you! A week ago I was sitting here composing my little talk and wondering how it would all go. Friday night? Tired teachers? First SLTeachmeet hosted by Camb? No chance …maybe a few would attend but certainly not stay…BUT the turn out was fantastic, the buzz was incredible, the networking, the presentations, the technology ( apart from mine! oops), the timings, the clever twitter hashtags, rapid fire tweets and so handy handles. Bethan, Helena and Megan you just thought of everything. No one left early. We could have gone on til midnight. I learnt so much from the other presenters they were inspiring. Would it be possible to share the powerpoints? thank you so so much…from a still buzzing me…PS wonderful food and drinks too that was much appreciated by all.

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