impact: The new action research journal from Impington Village College!

Happy new year to all! We are delighted to promote and support a new and exciting initiative by our colleagues at Impington Village College, one of our partnership schools. The college has published Issue 1 of impact, a journal featuring research carried out by teachers. The journal was launched at a college ‘researchmeet’ on 19th December 2014 – a storify of tweets records aspects of the event here:

Mike Murray, editor and teacher research co-ordinator, introduces Issue 1 as follows:

Welcome to impact photothe first ever impact journal. As a group of staff who have done action research, completed further degree work or are in the process of professional learning through action research, we are committed to using in school research to improve our professional practice as effective teachers. By action research we actually mean any of the ways staff reflect on their practice and improve it by self, peer and student evaluation. This might mean bringing in and trying new ideas taken from critical reading. It might involve class observation, student or staff interviews or questionnaires or investigating what the quantitative and qualitative data we hold on students shows. This journal is one of the ways we are as staff sharing our findings with each other at Impington Village College. It is also about making it available to anyone who is interested through our website and our links to other networks.

This issue of impact features:

  • Student self-concept impacts anxiety – Christine Martin
  • The ‘right’ way with teacher feedback – Suzanne Culshaw
  • How do we manage clashes with our values and our job? Rob Campbell

Congratulations to Impington for this inaugural issue and we look forward to reading the next one! Read Issue 1 here: impact journal – Issue 1 Autumn 2014

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3 Responses to impact: The new action research journal from Impington Village College!

  1. Ruth Pineda says:

    Really impressed to see that colleagues at Impington have seized the day and published their own journal. I enjoyed each author’s problematisation of everyday experiences and practice through engagement with theory and empirical research.

    Well done!

  2. jemk1 says:

    This is great. Is it all electronic or are some hard copies left in staff room etc? It reads so well and resonates with all that we are trying to do.

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