researchEd ‘Research Leads’ Cambridge Network Day 14/3/15

A quick post to share links and blog posts from others that capture another incredibly rich, rewarding and thought provoking day thanks to the researchED team of Tom Bennett, Helene Galdin-O’Shea, Corpus Christi College and all the presenters and participants.

A cold but sunny day started off well with breakfast at Aromi (highly recommended – but get there early!)


A group of us from SUPER (or as Tom is now calling us ‘power rangers’!) presented in a session featuring the work of two of our ‘research leads’ or ‘teacher research co-ordinators’ (TRCs) as we call them in the network i.e. Clare Hood (Samuel Whitbread Academy) and Abi Thurgood-Buss (Rodings School and Dunmow Consortium).

SUPER Research Leads Presentation Cambridge 140315

clare and Abi

Jan and myself (Bethan) supported from the Faculty with extra audience support from Laura, Lucy, Ben, Jacq and Lisa.

Power rangers

One of the best aspects of researchEd is the opportunity to network with friends old and new and get to meet social media/twitter friends IRL (‘in real life’)!  It was good to finally meet Vincent Lien @fratribus and to hear him eloquently and convincingly make the case that teachers should have access to research journals.


He’s set up a petition which can be signed here:

Great blogposts reflecting on the day have already been posted by @drgaryjones

Research Leads Cambridge and What’s Love Got to do With It – CUPID and the classification of research activity

and Nick Rose AKA @turnfordblog:

Developing Research Leads in Schools: the Janus-faced role of a research lead

. . . providing much food for thought which we look forward to sharing and discussing with all our TRCs back in the network and via this blog. There will be more blogs by other presenters/participants and we’ll post and re-tweet links as they appear.

Another brilliant researchEd event which we were very glad to be part of!

Storify of selected tweets from the day

Tom and SUPER people

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2 Responses to researchEd ‘Research Leads’ Cambridge Network Day 14/3/15

  1. js306 says:

    Hi Bethan

    This is fab – great links, photos, comments and memories…


  2. jemk1 says:

    Fantastic blog and chance to reflect on all that was discussed – Power Rangers too

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