‘Closing the Gap’: SUPER ResearchMeet January 21st

Schools in the SUPER network will present their research on or related to the theme of ‘closing the gap’ in a researchmeet at the Faculty of Education tonight 5pm -7pm.  Our programme includes presentations on whole school approach to closing the gap, using research and inquiry to close the gap and dissemination. There are also opportunities for informal networking in between sessions. We’ll aim to follow up this post with links to presentations and resources where available plus a storify of any tweets #researchSUPER


Session 1: Whole school approaches to closing the gap

What to do with a register of Pupil Premium interventions – Consulting the literature to close the gap

School Partner: St Ivo                    Speaker: Anne Barratt

Summary: This year St Ivo plans to analyse data on interventions currently used to support Pupil Premium students across key stages 3 and 4. Literature on efficacy of strategies to support closing the gap for disadvantaged students will be reviewed and used to inform an evaluation of current intervention data. It is hoped the research will be used to guide a whole school strategy for future interventions.

A brief overview of the effects of intervention on the academic performance of Pupil Premium students

School Partner: Sharnbrook         Speaker: Dave Bennett

Summary: The school has tracked every possible intervention (great and small) undertaken for the benefit of students across the entire school over the last academic year. This is a brief statistical analysis relating to the effectiveness of said interventions in relation to academic outcomes over the course of that academic year.

“Be your Best” Progress 8 intervention

School Partner: Samuel Whitbread Academy         Speaker: Rich Candlin

Summary: How we created a wraparound intervention programme that focuses on meeting the needs of the individuals to help them be their best. Through a combination of facilitating a growth mindset in pupils, parents and teachers, academic mentoring and reducing the barriers to allow pupils to achieve a positive progress 8 score.

Session 2: Using research and enquiry to close the gap

Closing the Gap: Biddenham’s tube map to Enquiry Group Research

School Partner: Biddenham       Speaker: Jacqueline Emkes and Laura Steward

Summary: At Biddenham, we are in the process of conducting Enquiry Group research which links to our School Development Plan. All staff are members of the Enquiry Groups. The groups will focus on nine important areas including differentiation and literacy. Join us on a journey through Biddenham’s current Enquiry Group Research. Route march through our tube map of research. Dissemination not destination is the mantra.

The development of Lesson Study as whole school CPD, supported by Pedagogy Leaders

School Partner: Soham Village College     Speaker: Brian Barham and Krista Carson

Summary: This is our third year of SVC using Research Lesson Study as its main CPD vehicle and forms a bedrock of at least one of every colleague’s appraisal targets. This year, four Pedagogy Leaders have been appointed to lead the Lesson Study groups by managing the process, supporting colleagues and researching the topics chosen.

Investigating how to close the gap between projected and achieved grades at GCSE

School Partner: Stratton Upper school      Speaker: Lucy Sherratt

Summary: At Stratton this year we are researching into closing the gap between teacher’s projected grades for GCSE students and the final grades that are actually achieved. We have analysed the previous academic year’s data to find patterns, both of areas in the school and individuals in the school who currently project accurately. We aim to use this information as a basis to investigate methods of projection that are effective, and to design strategies that can be put in place to support colleagues. One initial area of research involves drawing on the knowledge of colleagues who examine for the different boards. Our overall aim is to find and disseminate measurable sharing of good practice.

 Examining wellbeing over primary-secondary transfer for vulnerable students

Partner: Faculty       Speaker: Ros McLellan

Summary: Most students experience some difficulties on transferring from primary to secondary school but few studies have considered the wellbeing of youngsters thought to be at risk over the transfer period and beyond through Year 7. Snapshot findings from a recent study funded by the Nuffield Foundation will be presented, allowing schools to consider implications for their own contexts.


Session 3: Dissemination

Research in the Dunmow Consortium

School: Dunmow Consortium     Speaker: Abi Thurgood-Buss and Charlotte Hart

Summary: We will give a brief overview of how we are conducting research in the consortium this year (a variety of projects under the umbrella theme of Closing the Gap). We will also outline some of the particular research projects going on this year.

 Working together to close the gap

School: Bottisham

Speaker: Ellen Merry and Lee Andersen

Summary: Outlining the introduction of a whole school TeachMeet, to develop a platform to discuss T&L ideas and challenges. Furthermore, using blogging and social media to generate discussion and promote collaboration amongst teaching and support staff. Key target groups, such as PP and SEND, are often the focus of such discussions and blogs and how we can ensure they fulfil their potential.

Whole school research moving it on, dilemmas and impact

School: Impington     Speaker: Mike Murray

Summary: How our whole school project on closing the PP gap and research has changed this year. Opportunities and dilemmas posed in terms of developing an evidence based culture.

Developing a research culture in a school: network graphs analysis study

School: Faculty & Biddenham        Speaker: Frank Cornelissen and Jan Schofield

Summary: Developing a research culture in school where all staff engages in sharing and using research for improving practice is promising, but challenging. We will use network graphs to show the development of research engagement among staff at Biddenham and will share some of the school’s experiences and key strategies that contributed to this change.

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