Enthusiastic, optimistic, realistic

Guest post: Jennie Richards, SUPER Emeritus Teacher Research Lead

Our SUPER network members enjoyed an excellent and inspiring teachmeet style ‘researchmeet’ last Thursday evening, showcasing the work going on in our schools and relevant research conducted by the Faculty staff. Although the focus was on sharing our efforts on our Closing the Gap theme, there were also ample opportunities to network and discuss widely with colleagues. This networking event enabled people from a wide range of contexts to engage with and learn from each other in an honest and supportive environment. It is clear that the SUPER network is moving from strength to strength.

The TRL (Teacher Research Leaders) meeting earlier in the day was similarly very positive regarding the future direction of our partnership. There still remain many planning decisions to be finalised, but there is a palpable new energy about the group. People really valued the opportunities in the afternoon to visit the library, catch up on reading, plan with colleagues in the network and reflect on the ideas we had discussed in the morning.

Overall, a really useful and productive event. Thanks to all involved in presenting and organising.

researchmeet ‘storify’ of tweets: https://storify.com/Blodwen123/super-network-researchmeet-january-21st-2016

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One Response to Enthusiastic, optimistic, realistic

  1. crazylady says:

    thank you for this wonderful update. I look forward to all that is ahead.
    On an additional note I heard Andy Hargreaves speak at the RSA last night: ‘Building a Teacher Powered Education system.’ This was indeed an enthusiastic realistic and a little optimistic too.!

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