Access to Research

The aim of this page is to post links to any freely available research that is not hidden behind paywalls e.g. Open Access journal articles, conference papers, reports, research digests etc (presented A-Z).

UPDATED November 2016: just added Directory of Open Access Journals + 2 open access journals (links below): International Journal of Adolescence & Youth, Open Review of Educational Research PLUS all links checked/dead links removed.

UPDATED December 2016: New Section created for research carried out by teachers in their own schools/classrooms and published via school journals/other websites etc.

Helpful advice from Dr Dav via her blogpost Finding Research Papers

Research carried out by teachers in their own classrooms/schools

impACT – the Action Research Journal of Impington Village College, UK

Jotter: Journal of Trainee Educational Research (Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge)

Sandagogy – Sandringham School Learning Journal  (Issue 4 now available!)

Samuel Whitbread Academy – Anthecology Lesson Study Journal

Soham Village College: Illumination – Research Lesson Study: An Enlightened Enquiry

Praxis Teacher Research

Freely Available Research, Digests, Reports etc

Directory of Open Access Journals

Access to Research –  Public Library Initiative (free access to over 15 million academic articles in participating UK public libraries)

BELMAS Publications (free access via free first year membership)

BERA Insights and Briefings

BERA Why Educational Research Matters

BERA Research and Teacher Education

Best Evidence in Brief (University of York, Institute for Effective Education)

Best Evidence in Brief Archive (University of York, Institute for Effective Education)

BES (Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis) Programme – What Works Evidence
Hei Kete Raukura (New Zealand)

Cambridge Primary Review Publications

Cambridge Assessment: Research Matters Special Issue 4: ‘Variations in aspects of writing in 16+ English examinations between 1980 and 2014’ (previous issues also available)

CUREE Publications

Department for Education: Publications – Research & Analysis

Digital Commons@University of Nebraska, Lincoln

EPPI Centre Systematic Reviews

Education Evidence Portal

Education-Line (free conference papers, reports etc via British Education Index – also includes archive of TLRP (Teaching Learning & Research Programme 2000-2011)

Educational Neuroscience: a teacher’s guide to the good, the bad and the irrelevant (slides and materials  from Dorothy Bishop, University of Oxford)

Forum: Qualitative Research (peer reviewed online journal estab 1999)

General Teaching Council for Scotland: Current Academic/Practitioner Research (access to some freely available reports etc)

Huntington Research School Website: ‘Evidence’ page with summaries and links to latest research

Usable Knowledge (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Institute of Education Research News

Issues in Educational Research (IIER)

International Journal of Adolescence and Youth

The Internet and Education – free chapter by Professor Neil Selwyn, Monash University, Australia

Learning Landscapes (current issue: Spring 2016 (past issues also online in Archives – a peer-reviewed, open access, themed journal that is published twice a year. It works to bridge theory and practice by publishing submissions from individuals who represent the wider educational community—teachers, principals, students, parents, university academics and community leaders – produced in Quebec, Canada)

Learning Policy Institute (USA): Review of Research – Does Teaching Experience increase Teacher Effectiveness?

MESH Guides – supporting professional judgement with evidence (connecting educators with summaries and sources of educational research)

NFER Direct – free email newsletters on NFER’s latest research etc (National Foundation for Educational Research)

OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development): What’s New at OECD – free monthly e-newsletter highlighting key new books, reports, and statistics from various OECD sources.

OECD Education Working Papers

On the two cultures of educational research, and how we might move ahead:Reconsidering the ontology,axiology and praxeology of education ECER Keynote by Gert Biesta (direct link to currently free pdf download)

Open Review of Educational Research

Policy Watch – Pearson UK (policy briefing and updating service on developments in the world of education)

Research in Teacher Education (University of East London, Cass School of Education & Communities)

Routledge Education Arena (check out Spotlight Journals for free access to popular issues & papers)

Taylor & Francis Open Access Information

Taylor & Francis – List of Current Open Access Journals

Taylor & Francis – Open Review of Educational Research (new open access journal – 3 volumes now available! – Video interview with Editor-in-Chief here)

Teachers College Record  (journal of research, analysis, and commentary in the field of education published continuously since 1900 by Teachers College, Columbia University. Free access to some content, $20 individual subscription gets access to everything)

Teacher Leadership (free access to 2014, 2015 & 2016 Conference Papers by university lecturers/academics and school teachers)

Teaching & Learning Together in Higher Education Blog

The Sutton Trust EEF Toolkit

World Bank Research Digest

World Bank Research and World Bank Research Newsletters


7 Responses to Access to Research

  1. jemk1 says:

    This is really helpful thank you

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  3. Thank you for mentioning Best Evidence in Brief – we now have an archive of studies that we’ve covered (, sorted by keyword, which should help to find recent studies on particular topics. Can I also suggest the Education Evidence Portal ( which, although no longer updated with new material, is a useful, searchable database, and, finally, research published by the Department for Education (, which is variable, but contains some useful studies.

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  6. Tricia Lennie says:

    This blog is an excellent way to support the petition to make academic research more widely available.

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