Good Reads

Links to freely available ‘thinkpieces’, articles, blogposts, videos & podcasts etc which focus on themes of school-university partnerships, support for teacher research, teacher learning, educational research and its relation to/impact upon practice and policy etc. May be useful for supporting discussion & debate with regard to ‘educational research’. From November 2014, most recent link posted first . . .

UPDATED & checked: September, 2017

Timperley, H., Wilson, A., Barrar, H., & Fung, I. (2007). Teacher professional learning and development: best evidence synthesis iteration (BES). Wellington, N.Z.: Ministry of Education.

Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development (GOV.UK)

30 Academic Resources on Learning:

Sir Tim Brighouse speech (given at Arts & Media School Islington, January 2016): What do schools do when governments want the world?

Partnerships between Teaching Schools and Universities – Research Report by Professor Toby Greany & Dr Chris Brown, UCL/IoE

A Radical Manifesto for Education Blog post for Discover Society by Professor Diane Reay (Univ of Cambridge)

50 shades of uncertainty in educational research Blog post by Lisa Pettifer

Why should teachers engage with, and in, research? Blog post by Sara Stafford, Director of Research, Highbury Grove School

Approaches to Research and Development for Great Pedagogy and CPD in TSAs – NCTL research report by IoE and Sheffield Hallam University (direct link to pdf)

Developing teacher leadership and its impact in schools – PhD Thesis by Marco Snoek

A World Class Teaching Profession: CUREE’s response

The School Research Lead – and asking better questions (part one): blog post by Dr Gary Jones (see also further posts on Gary’s blog on the role of the research lead)

Sutton Trust: What makes great teaching? Review of the underpinning research (for an interesting critique & response to the report, see Dr Martin Fautley’s blog post , this review by Kevin Stannard in the Daily Telegraph and responses from various ‘experts’ in The Guardian). Also – for the ultimate list of blogposts, media items etc on the report – see this brilliant post by @mrocallaghan_edu

AERA ‘Lead the Change Series’: Q& A with Carol Campbell – “What do you see as the most promising educational change innovations and what role does/should research play in relation to such innovations?” (link to pdf)

BERA: Why Educational Research Matters (link to free pdf)

BERA/RSA Research and Teacher Education (links to final report and supporting papers – free download)

The SURE Network YouTube Channel: School-Board University Research Exchange in Southern Ontario, Canada – videos on the theme of ‘research to practice’

The Use of Evidence to Improve Education and Serve the Public Good: video of seminar by Dr Adrienne Alton-Lee, New Zealand (given at Faculty of Education, Univ of Cambridge in 2012)

Why Teachers and Researchers should work together for Improvement (blog post)

The British amateur who debunked the mathematics of happiness – For inspiration – in terms of critiquing the work of established researchers – this is a great story published in The Guardian

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