SUPER Conference 2018

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This page will be updated with resources from our annual conference which took place on Thursday 21st June, 2pm – 6.30pm, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. This conference marked the launch of SUPER as a research hub for the Chartered College of Teaching. The conference was open to members of SUPER schools and any other interested teachers, educators, researchers, Chartered College members.

At the conference we . . .

  • Celebrated the launch of SUPER as a Regional Hub for the Chartered College of Teaching
  • Listened to SUPER schools and Faculty present emerging findings from our current collaborative research project on Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Took part in workshops: Teacher Research Leads from SUPER partnership schools presented 8 workshops on school strategies, interventions and approaches to support and develop student and teacher resilience and well-being


Thanks to all presenters and participants who joined us!

Read Krista Carson’s (Soham Village College Teacher Research Lead) Reflections on the conference here:

SUPER Partner Schools and Teacher Research Leads/teachers who participated:

  • Bottisham Village College, Katie Neville-Jones
  • Biddenham International School & Sports College, Jane Morris
  • Impington Village College, Simon Warburton @Simon_Warburton
  • Dunmow Primary Schools’ Consortium, Charlotte Hart & Abigail Thurgood-Buss
  • Samuel Whitbread Academy, Clare Hood
  • Soham Village College, Krista Carson @ReflectiveRambl
  • St Ivo School, Anne Barratt
  • Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, Ros McLellan & Bethan Morgan
  • Chartered College of Teaching: Julia Flutter, Research Networks & Partnerships Manager @CCTCommunities

T-SEDA (Teacher Scheme for Educational Dialogue Analysis) – invitation to get involved in a brilliant project with colleagues in the Faculty! More details here:



Developing pupils’ resilience and wellbeing: sharing research and practice from SUPER Primary & Secondary Schools

Venue: Faculty of Education, Donald McIntyre Building: How to reach us

Conference Main presentation: to be uploaded soon . . .

Preliminary findings from our pupil interviews:

1.30                           Registration, networking, poster displays, tea/coffee (GS4)

2.00 – 2.30              Session 1: Welcome & Introduction – launch of SUPER as a Research      Hub Network of the Chartered College of Teaching (GS5)

2.30 – 3.30              Session 2: Sharing current SUPER Research Project on Resilience & Wellbeing

3.30 – 4.30              Session 3: Workshops 1 (1-4)

4.30 – 5pm              Refreshments, networking and posters (GS4)

5pm – 6pm             Session 4: Workshops 2 (5-8)

6.05 – 6.30              Session 5: Teacher Research Leads Panel – Reflections & Q&A

6.30                          Conference Close


 Workshop presentations and resources will be shared on this page after the conference.

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Workshop 1: Relieving Student Stress (Bottisham Village College)

As a school we are continuing to address the current challenges of student wellbeing. In this workshop we will share the initiatives we have adopted with a student centered approach. The strategies used in school will be shared, for example the training of students in stress reduction and as anti bullying mentors.

BVC SUPER presentation

BVC SUPER presentation

Workshop 2: Data Tracking and Target Setting to Promote Resilience (St Ivo School)

St Ivo have been exploring how to promote resilience and wellbeing through student data tracking systems.  In the workshop we will outline the rationale behind our current methods of target setting and data tracking. Together we will explore and evaluate different data tracking approaches and consider how systems promote character and resilience and improve student wellbeing.

Workshop 3: Metacognition & Resilience in the Primary Classroom (Dunmow Primary Schools’ Consortium)

The Dunmow consortium of primary schools have been working together to research interventions that will improve our pupils’ wellbeing by developing their resilience and perseverance. We wanted to explore how we could support pupils in improving their independence and self-help strategies, thus leading to greater levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. We are currently piloting an intervention project that is based around the ideas of metacognition. Pupils are taking part in weekly workshops, where they are exploring metacognitive learning skills through such activities as knot tying, sketching, origami. This interactive workshop will explain the process, and feedback our initial findings from the pilot study whilst posing questions to engage delegates in discussion and to help take our work forwards.

Dunmow SUPER conference poster 2018

Workshop 4: Supporting Mental Wellness in School (Biddenham School)

We will be discussing a number of initiatives we are undertaking in school, such as individual tailored support; ESL provision and buddying scheme; work with tutor groups; and whole school provision such as providing a staffed Sanctuary for students to have time out of lessons if they need a quiet space; organizing Empathy Day 2018; and providing a reading area in the school library with relevant fiction and non-fiction books.

BISSC SUPER conference 2018 poster

SUPER Conference 2018 BISSC presentation

Workshop 5: Teaching and Learning Strategies to build confidence in the Classroom (Samuel Whitbread Academy)

Samuel Whitbread Academy is focussed on ensuring high levels of progress for all students, including our disadvantaged students. Typically, interventions for these students centre around support outside the classroom in specifically designed programmes, catch up and homework support, and mentoring. This year, with the students, we have explored practical strategies that teachers can do within lessons to support these disadvantaged pupils. This workshop aims to share the concerns of our students and offer support in how to improve the learning of this vulnerable group.

Workshop 6: Intervention on Low Resilience in Year 10 English Literature Students (Soham Village College)

This session will explore the outcomes of a small-scale intervention study done with six Year 10 students, across three teaching groups, who had been identified as having low-levels of resilience in English Literature.

Soham SUPER Conference presentation 2018

Soham SUPER Conference 2018 poster

Workshop 7: Making well-being a priority in school – leadership challenges and solutions (Impington Village College)

IVC has been working on supporting wellbeing and mental health in the staff and students for over 20 months and has made considerable progress.  We have implemented a number of changes following our annual staff review consultation and last year tasked Simon Warburton, Assistant Principal, to make progress in wellbeing for all in the college a strategic priority.  IVC recently made its commitment to improving mental health public by joining a range of leading business in making a Time to Change Pledge led by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness and is now working towards completing the Carnegie Mental Health Award led by Leeds Beckett University and the Carnegie Centre of Excellence.

In this workshop we will explore the key changes in our journey and share our experiences of mental health support that schools may find useful in benchmarking their activities against.  We will also outline our main focus for the coming year and tie this into staff recruitment, absence management and staff induction – many of the key challenges facing schools’ leaders today.

Impington Village College Cambridge Super Conference

Workshop 8: Building resilience by focusing on growth (Junlin Yu with Pia Kreijkes & Ros McLellan, Faculty of Education)

Although the word resilience is used differently by different people, a common theme appears to be a positive response to failure or adversity. As part of my PhD research, I have been working with SUPER schools to look at students’ growth mindset and grit—two ideas linked to the concept of resilience. This workshop will feedback initial findings showing that students with more of a growth mindset tend to be more resilient, and show greater gains in attainment up to one year later. We will also explore implications of the findings for participants’ own school context.


Building resilience through growth