Support for Research

Links below to free (wherever possible) resources which may be useful to support teachers in carrying out school-based research, provoking discussion and debate etc.  Any additions/contributions most welcome (leave link in comments). Check out our hashtag #CantabMEds for links to resources, advice, tips for research and writing up research etc found via twitter (hasn’t been updated for a while due to staff illness but has great links that still work plus hashtag will be used again from Dec 2016 onwards . . .)

UPDATED & checked: November, 2016

Support for References/Bibliographies/Citations

  • Zotero Guidebook ( Zotero is a free tool for keeping track of references, creating bibliographies etc – updated guidebook for 2016-17 is on the way)

Lists and Resource Libraries

Support for Research-related Writing

  • Via ANU Research Skills (@ANU_RSAT): ‘Writing is a craft not a science!’ How to write a good enough paper: (Check out @ANU_RSAT in general for many more useful links including research methodologies and methods)

Toolkits & Guides (miscellaneous)

Critical Evaluation of Research/Reading Critically




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